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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Political rhetoric on VT

Of course, gun control was only the first political motive to be advanced by the VT shootings. Yes, despite being only about five years old, some are suggesting the shootings show we should repeal NCLB.

From the "Whole Language" archives at (cleaned up a bit

Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 22:37:10 -0400
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Subject: Re: The Slaughter of Our Children by Our Children

I've been thinking about the other end of this for awhile -- the NCLB end. It's tragic what is being done to children in the name of meeting AYP! We have a lot of angry kids out there because the school culture is changing into one of "have to's" for both teachers and children. With all of the pressure to conform to standardized ways of being, teaching and learning, kids are giving up -- all ages. We are going to have thousands of 16 year olds turned loose on society because they have only made it to the 8th grade. Then what'll they do . . . Prisons aren't being built fast enough.Ruby

The WL proponents are not scientists -- they care a lot about children, but not much for logic and reasoning based on careful analysis. They're likely not aware that using this event politically, without any reference to anything other than their feeling of what's happening, is invalid. So my venom for them is muted, but simply put, they're being unreasonable. NCLB is not creating psychotics.



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